Department of Energy Projects

Parsons Corporation (Aiken, SC):
Salt Waste Processing Facility (SWPF), Lead Fire Protection Engineer

  • Design the fire protection systems
  • Participant in HAZOP reviews
  • Resolving fire protection design issues with other disciplines
  • Perform fire modeling using the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS)
  • Design the smoke control system and water containment system
  • Prepare the Fire Hazards Analysis (FHA) and related Equivalencies
  • Prepare fire protection system specifications
  • Review sprinkler contractor and fire alarm contractor designs

Pantex Plant (Amarillo, TX):

  • Demolition of existing sprinkler systems and design of new deluge and wet pipe sprinkler systems for nuclear production facility. Design included design of seismic requirements to PC4 requirements, specifications for Safety Class Systems, Commercial Grade Dedication; and review of contractor shop drawings.

Savannah River Site (Aiken, SC):

  • Upgrade of fire alarm systems in the Tritium Facility including duct smoke detectors and elevator interfaces.
  • Upgrade of fire suppression and fire alarm systems in the B-Area Engineering Buildings.
  • Upgrade of a kitchen hood suppression system from a dry chemical system to a wet chemical system in S-Area.
  • New sprinkler and fire alarm and detection systems for the Regulatory Monitoring and Bioassay Laboratory and review of contractor shop drawings.
  • New stairwell standpipe systems and cable tray sprinkler systems for the F Canyon.
  • New sprinkler and fire alarm systems for a chiller building in the Tritium area.
  • New manual, dry, Class I standpipe system, water containment features, and an elevator recall feature for HB-Line.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Oak Ridge, TN):

  • Upgrade of several fire sprinkler systems including Building 1506 (Greenhouses), Building 4500N (Tech Transfer), and Building 6000 (High Power Target Laboratory).

Y-12 Complex (Oak Ridge, TN):

  • New foam-water wet pipe system for a flammable liquids storage facility.
  • New fixed water spray fire protection system for a flammable liquids tank transfer station.
  • New sprinklers for a fiberglass exhaust ductwork system in laboratory building 9769.
  • New sprinklers for an existing paint booth in building 9204-2E.

Sandia National Laboratories (Albuquerque, NM):

  • New sprinkler and standpipe systems and water runoff containment system design for a Neutron Generator Facility; Prepared calculations for stairwell pressurization, cleanroom pressurization, and radiological-area negative pressurization.