Services Across the Fire Protection Spectrum

Fire Protection Consulting ServicesFire Safety System

LeGrand Engineering provides consulting services that include field surveys of facilities and review of facility records for assessing fire hazards and life safety issues in buildings. For existing facilities, fire protection and life safety systems are analyzed to ensure the systems are adequate for the hazards and functions associated with the building. For new facilities, LeGrand Engineering provides consulting services on building codes and fire protection codes to ensure your facility is code compliant and safe. Several local fire protection engineers are available as consultants to LeGrand Engineering for additional support in areas such as fire modeling, fire department operations, and fire barriers.

  • Fire Hazard Surveys
  • Life Safety Surveys
  • Fire Hazards Analysis
  • Code Consulting


Fire Protection Design Services

LeGrand Engineering provides services throughout the design and construction process. Drawings and specifications can be provided in varying levels of detail. Participation on the design team can be in varying degrees to match the client’s needs.

Specialties include design and specification of all types of fire suppression systems and fire alarm and detection systems.Shop Drawing Review

  • Sprinkler System Design
  • Sprinkler System Hydraulic Analysis
  • Suppression System Plan Reviews
  • Fire Alarm Design
  • Fire Alarm Audibility Analysis
  • Stairwell Pressurization
  • Smoke Venting